Pricing platform Martinic continues as

Published on: 31-03-2022

The price platform, which has been active since 2004, has been taken over and continues under the name
SolutionS ICT from Naarden has taken over price comparison platform Martinic(.net) and completely renewed it. The renewed and highly modernized version has been available online for a few weeks at the url

New features include a newly written API for customers who want to directly link the database that now contains about 1.8 million computer-related products from more than 50 distributors with their ERP package or E-commerce solution. The database is also now indexed, which means that searching for products, stocks and prices in tenths of a second compared to 2-4 seconds before, this is a huge time-saver that certainly benefits the way of working with complex searches. You can now also see real-time stocks, which is certainly not a superfluous luxury in this time of scarcity and you save a lot of time during purchasing due to unnecessary quests, but also faster delivery times. This development also helps the end customer better, of course. Specifying delivery times is an important part of the sales process.

The platform is seen by a significant part of the distributors (and manufacturers), but also users from Germany in particular, but also from the United Kingdom are now also available in English and German, as these markets more or less overlap. been a logical choice.

Klan-specific prices have also been implemented, so if you have negotiated better prices with the larger distributors in particular, then take the system into account, provided you request the correct logins for this and enter them in the backend under your account. Extensive manuals on how to do this are indicated per supplier, it is usually a matter of an email to the right department.

In the coming period, we will work on several types of links for the most popular Open Source webshops and ERP software, so that PriceFacts will offer parts of the range as content for resellers. Efforts are also being made to add extra content to the supplied data with a PIM system so that the reseller will soon have to make little effort to actively participate in the E-commerce violence that players such as Amazon entail, after all, the margins are in the IT industry not so high that large commissions starting at 15% but quickly more (depending on which extra services one needs such as VAT calculations or warehousing) can be paid for delivery via a trading platform, especially when managing a few thousand products in the future fully automatic in an Open Source platform. PriceFacts will first provide an up-to-date assortment in real time and the next step is that by means of the various links also (drop) shipment orders are automatically forwarded via the platform to the right suppliers who take care of further processing, with or without the reseller's logo on the packing slip.

We expect to be able to offer this complete service within a few months, the prices of the regular service have never been adjusted since 2004, and it will not be adjusted for current subscriptions either, so take advantage of our 30-day free trial subscription advantage and the still very competitive low price of 15.95 euros excl. VAT per month when taking out an annual subscription, there is not a single 'competitor' that supplies such a complete purchasing tool for this price and our customers will soon have little to fear from their own 'competitors' ' that do not keep up with these developments manually maintaining an e-commerce platform is not a viable strategy, and the time of studying and comparing Excel sheets and PDF lists from each individual supplier on a weekly basis is also an impossible task. Assortments have become so wide at most distributors and wholesalers, which can be seen from the size of the PriceFacts database, in 2016 Martinic had 'only' 800,000 products with approximately the same number of wholesalers.... now that is more than a million more, this trend is expected to expand further in the coming years, also because of the overlap of regular IT products with Voip Telecom and IoT equipment.