New features and new Premium plan...

Published on: 30-11-2022

First the bad news, unfortunately we cannot escape the rising costs and are therefore forced to increase the price of the standard subscription from € 191.40 to € 240 ex VAT per year. The standard subscription is now called Basic and includes the Basic Search API. The Basic Search API has been tested by several customers over the past few months and is now available to all customers. You can generate an API Key in your account on the API page and view the manual with an example. NB! the price change will only take effect from the renewal of your current subscription.

The search function has 2 new filters, the price from and price to filter. By default, the price is from €0.01... this to exclude the €0.01 products by default. If you are still looking for products of €0.01, you can set the price from 0 in the filter. From now on you can sort the search results by: Price from low to high or Price from high to low.

Premium Subscription

From now on we have a new Premium and with this subscription you have the possibility to create Collections where you can add lines from your searches. You then have the selected products in 1 overview, so that you can easily keep an eye on price and / or stock changes without having to perform a new search.

Collections can be exported to a CSV file or you can receive an email every day containing a CSV file, saving you even more time. Collections can also be retrieved via the Collections API so that your system can process the data further.

The new Premium subscription costs €480 ex VAT per year. All customers who currently have a Basic subscription can try Premium for free for 14 days. The trial period ends automatically and after that you can upgrade to Premium and then you only pay the remaining amount until the end of your Basic subscription.

All subscriptions and upgrades can now only be paid via an online payment method such as iDeal, bancontact or Sofort. After receiving the payment you can immediately download the invoice in your account. If you do not have the option to make an online payment, please let us know. We also work with Direct Debet trhoughout the entire EU.