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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files in which information is stored. We or other parties place these text files on your computer or mobile device. On your next visit, we will read your preferences or login details in the text file, for example. This means you do not have to indicate your preferences every time and we can make the website more user-friendly. Under the heading 'overview cookies' you can see which cookies we place and what they are used for.

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Overview cookies:

Functional cookies

We place functional cookies to make our website work properly. No permission is required to place these cookies.

tracking cookies

We continuously improve our website by analyzing how you use our website, how you found us and where any bottlenecks are. Cookies are placed by Google Analytics for this, but this data is anonymised.

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Their cookie statement applies to the cookies placed by other parties. This can change in the meantime. The current cookie statement can be found on the website of the relevant party.

You can also delete cookies

You can delete cookies via your internet browser (the program you use to view websites). How this is done depends on the internet browser. We have made a short guide for the most common internet browsers.

Google Chrome: Go to settings, click advanced settings, click clear browsing data, select cookies and other site and plugin data, and click clear browsing data.

Internet Explorer: Go to settings, click clear browsing data, select cookies and saved website data and click clear.

Safari: Go to preferences, click on security, click on show cookies, click on delete all or select one or more cookies and click on delete.

Mozilla Firefox Go to the menu and choose options, select privacy, choose use custom settings for history in Firefox, click on show cookies, click on delete all cookies or select one or more cookies and click on delete selected.

Is your internet browser not listed? Or have the settings changed in the meantime? Then use the help or search function of your internet browser.


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